Integrated Science



  • To develop students’ curiosity and interest in science;
  • To help students learn to acquire fundamental scientific knowledge and skills, and appreciate the relationship between science and other disciplines;
  • To develop students’ ability to make scientific investigation and solve problems;
  • To develop students’ ability to use the language of science to communicate science-related ideas;
  • To cultivate in students a basic understanding of the nature of science;
  • To develop students’ ability to integrate and apply scientific knowledge and skills in other related disciplines;
  • To help students to recognise the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of science, and develop an attitude of responsible citizenship and a commitment to promote personal and community health;
  • To prepare students for further studies in STEM-related disciplines;
  • To train students to become lifelong learners in science for personal development. 


Activity Snapshots

Designing a prototype to collect distilled water