Principal’s Message


Principal’s Message


'And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.'  
1 Corinthians 13:13


As an alumnus of the school, I cast my mind back to my secondary school life here at Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School from time to time.  When I was a transfer student here, I was equally nervous as any of our Form 1 students adapting to an entirely new environment. I remember crying after attending the admission interview because of the fear of being scolded by my mother for my poor performance. As I was weeping all alone in the covered playground, a lady from the office handed me a tissue. That small act left a deep impression on me and sparked my prospect of experiencing a delightful and rewarding life in this school under God’s love and grace. 


During my two years of studies here, my expectations were realized and I was given a lot of care and support by my teachers, who not only carried out their teaching duties devotedly but also afforded the time to understand my needs and, in turn, shaped my character. 


As a student from a single-parent family, I was not hopeful of my chances to further my studies at university. Yet, through the precious moments in which my teachers shared their lives and the Gospel with me, my Christian faith was strengthened, my confidence was fortified and my life’s direction became clear. It was throughout this period that I was equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with the challenges that came with exams, university and life.  Even when I returned as an English teacher, I could still feel the love and care that the teachers have always had for the students and it has remained unchanged until this day.


Since 1987, our teachers, who are dedicated Christian educators, have created a virtuous and conducive Christian environment for our students to grow up in faith, hope and love. Our graduates possess high academic aptitudes with boundless potentials and impeccable character, and know God and understand His Word, thus achieving our school motto, “Self-discipline through the understanding of the Word; Service to mankind through faithfulness to the Lord”.


My sincere gratitude is due to the Incorporated Management Committee of the school for entrusting me with the role of the 3rd principal of the school. With God’s grace, I will endeavour to continue the excellent work of my predecessors, Mr. Lour and Ms. Lam, who have laid a solid foundation for the school. In collaboration with all the staff members, we shall bring in new energy and opportunities to help each and every member of the school grow and shine.


CHUI Ka Yin, Jerry



 Photo with 2022-2023 S.6 Students