Students' Achievements

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 23/24

29 Apr, 2024

The Drama Team of our school has achieved remarkable success in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2023/24. Their exceptional talent and dedication have garnered them several awards. These accolades are a testimony to the team’s creativity, teamwork and unwavering commitment to excellence. The award-winning play, The Book of Regret, delves into the depths of human emotions and the complexities of regret. The story revolves around the protagonist who discovers a mysterious book that enables him to travel back in time. The main character then embarks on a journey through time, hoping to rewrite different chapters of his life. Through this introspective exploration, the drama raises profound questions about the true meaning of life and the nature of regret. It prompts the audience to reflect on the choices they make and the consequences they bear.


  Awards Obtained


  Award for Outstanding Director

  S.4A Lau Ajex

  S.5C Cheung Ka Ning

  S.5D Leung Yu Ki Gigi

  Award for Outstanding Performer

  S.2D Tse Alvin

  S.4C Chan Oi Wing Renee

  S.5D Sze Pak Lun Alan

Award for Outstanding Stage Effects 

Award for Outstanding Cooperation

Award for Commendable Overall Performance