Students' Achievements

Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award (2022/2023)

14 Jan, 2023

Eight of our secondary six students participated in the Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award on 14 January 2023. It is a competition organized by the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education (HKASME), together with Royal Society of Biology – HK Branch, The Education University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong, aiming 

(1) To stimulate students’ active interest in Biology;
(2) To challenge and expand their talents; and
(3) To enhance their scientific literacy; and
(4) To widen their exposure in cutting-edge biological knowledge and innovation.


Our students have got the prizes as follows:

6D Hung Shing Pan        (Second Class Honours)

6D Liu Ka In            (Second Class Honours)

6D Cheng Yu Ting         (Third Class Honours)

6C Chan Nga Man         (Third Class Honours)

6D Yu Nga Wun        (Third Class Honours)

6D Lai Pak Yin        (Merit)

6D Tai Chak Sze        (Active Participation)

6C San Yu Cheung         (Active Participation)


Congratulations to the students.