Students' Achievements

S3 Anti-drug Sharing and Postage Stamp Design Competition

31 Dec, 2021

In November 2021, the School Guidance Committee worked with Rainbow Lutheran Centre to hold an anti-drug sharing for our S3 students. Former drug addicts were invited to share their experiences and the harms of drug abuse, in the hope of  increasing students’ awareness of the issue.


Our S3 students were then asked to design postage stamps themed “Marijuana is a Drug” in their Visual Arts class for a competition organized by Rainbow Lutheran Centre. 3A Lam Hiu Ting and 3B Chow Cheuk Kwan were in the top 40 finalists. Chow Cheuk Kwan’s artwork was even voted as one of the most popular designs on Facebook, winning a merit award. With the overwhelming response in postage stamps designed by our students, our school also received the Most Active Participation Award.