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36th Graduation Ceremony

2024-06-28 Jun, 2024

The 36th graduation ceremony of our school was honoured by the presence of Rev. Simon Lau, the Head of Student Affairs at Tung Wah College and Chairperson of Hong Kong Student Services Association, as the officiating guest who presented the graduation certificates.


Rev. Lau encouraged the graduating students with Psalm 100, urging them to have a global vision, look to the world, and also look to the future. Furthermore, as Christian students, they should not forget to put their faith into practice, and for those who have not yet believed in Christ, they can also find love and joy in Jesus Christ. Finally, Rev. Lau exhorted the graduating students to continue to uphold the biblical truths and values they have learned in school in the days to come, so that they can become a blessing to themselves and others.


After the conferment and awards presentation, the graduate representative, Cheng Chung Ki delivered the vote of thanks. The graduation class chorus then performed the song "Spread Our Wings and Fly" to express gratitude to the teachers for their guidance and to reminisce about their campus memories. After the graduation ceremony, the guests and graduates took group photos together, and the ceremony ended in a warm and joyful atmosphere.