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Mural Design and Painting

2024-03-15 Mar, 2024

Meticulously designed and crafted by the talented hands of 51 Arts Ambassadors of our school, this mural was brought to life in February 2024, two months after its first brush strokes in December 2023, under the guidance of artist Ms. Yujai.


Embodying the essence of our school’s core values, this painting radiates a profound message centered around the six character traits that define Carmelians. Each stroke of vibrant color and intricate detail serves to encapsulate the virtues of compassion, decisiveness, gratefulness, faith, self-discipline, and self-directedness.


This magnificent creation goes beyond the realm of character traits. Nestled within its captivating design are the timeless symbols of Faith, Hope, and Love, which form the very foundations upon which our CDG Family thrives. Inspired by the transcendent wisdom of 1 Corinthians 13:13, this mural serves as a constant reminder of the significance of these virtues in our school.