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Man vs Wild 23/24

2023-11-04 Nov, 2023

From 3rd to 4th November, 27 students and 9 teachers and social workers ventured into the great outdoors for a one-of-a-kind wilderness experience through the "Man vs Wild" camping trip held at Wan Tsai campsite in Sai Kung. The aim of the two-day, one-night excursion was to allow students to immerse themselves in nature, learn self-reliance through hands-on tasks, and bond with their peers in a scenic natural setting.


Under the watchful guidance of teachers and social workers, students engaged in a host of activities designed to test their physical abilities and foster appreciation for Hong Kong's untouched landscapes. On the first day, eager students trekked along forest trails to set up camp for the evening. Once settled, some explored the vicinity where interactions with local wildlife like cattle could be observed from a safe distance. Others worked cooperatively to start a cooking fire and prepare a tasty meal.


As dusk descended, relaxed campers savoured the serenity of Sai Kung's lush landscape, strumming guitars by the bonfire under a brilliant starry firmament. As night deepened, conversations flowed freely amongst teachers and students. They also undertook a night walk to train participants to dare rise up to challenges and venture out of their comfort zones, seeking to effectively cultivate the ability to handle and overcome fear.


When asked about their impressions, students unanimously declared the excursion an unequivocal success. Comments included feeling "really relaxed in the beautiful surrounding environment", that it was "so much fun to try living off the land", and how "I didn't know Hong Kong had such pretty places."