Evangelical School Development Incorporation 60th Anniversary

22 Nov, 2023

Our School's Sponsoring Body, Evangelical School Development Incorporation (ESDI), was established in 1964 with the mission of creating schools that uphold a genuine evangelical faith and provide excellent Christian education. By God's grace, all ESDI affiliated schools offer holistic Christian education, nurturing students to embody the school motto of "Self-discipline through the understanding of the Word; Service to mankind through faithfulness to the Lord".


In celebration of ESDI's 60th anniversary, a series of commemorative activities will be launched. A special theme song titled "願為主獻上" has been produced by students and teachers from the eight Carmel Schools. Through this song, they join their voices in praising God's grace and commit to serving the Lord to manifest His love.


ESDI 60th Anniversary Celebration Promotional Video:


ESDI Anniversary Theme Song - 願為主獻上: