Students' Achievements

The Chemists Online Self-study Award Scheme 2022

03 Mar, 2023


10 students participated in the Chemists Online Self-study Award Scheme, jointly organised by Hong Kong Virtual University and the Science Education Section of the Education Bureau. The scheme aimed to nurture scientific literacy of senior secondary school students by providing them with an exposure to more advanced chemistry online lectures. They were awarded the Diamond Award after successfully completing at least 18 seminars within the designated period. Congratulations to the following award-winning students:

5D Chan Lap Yip 5D Cheng Chung Ki 5D Cheng Tsz Yan 5D Cheung Kwan Kiu
5D Cheung Wing Yu 5D Koon Lok Ching 5D Lai Shing Him 6D Chu Lok Him
6D Huang Kailin 6D Ng Hon Lam