Students' Achievements

ESDI “Hon Wah Charity Fund” Reading Scholarship

22 Jul, 2022

Students participating in the ESDI “Hon Wah Charity Fund” Reading Scholarship, which has come to the fourth year, gave the best overall performance among the years. Apart from fulfilling the basic requirements, i.e. 1) extensive reading, 2) participating in reading promotion activities and services, some students even went further in expanding their horizons by joining activities outside school such as submitting their pieces of work to literary magazines and participating in reading-related writing competitions.


Congratulations to the six awardees from Secondary 3 to 5 and the first boy who got this prize! We hope the participants next year will do their best and achieve even better results.


List of Awardees:

S.5C Chau Nim Chi

S.5C Wong Pui Shan

S.5C San Yu Cheung

S.4C So Hiu Kiu

S.4D Lau Hiu Ching

S.3A Lam Hiu Ting