As an extension to the Learning English through Drama module in the English curriculum, all S5 students celebrated the success of 6 groups of their fellows in the Inter-class English Drama Competition on 4th October, 2017. As the lights went out, all talented actors shone splendidly on stage. Together with the tireless dedication of the backstage teams, they successfully put on promising shows with diverse settings, ranging from a classroom to a battlefield, delving into issues like cyberbullying, betrayal, and artificial intelligence. The joy and passion of the competitors were shared by the audience who were held spellbound for the entire afternoon. In the end, prizes were chosen by both the adjudicating teachers and the audience. The 5C group performing Vie Abell was voted as the favourite play while the ‘Best Performance Award’ was clinched by the 5D group with the script War Inside Me. All in all, all S5 students enjoyed this drama activity with their English proficiency enhanced, interest in language arts cultivated and confidence boosted.