Maths Day

The Maths Day, organized by the Mathematics Department, was held on 14th March, 2017 with lots of inspiring activities. Junior and senior form students participated in the “King of Maths” competition and “Sudoku” competition respectively during class teacher period. At lunchtime, Secondary 1 and 2 students participated in the “24 points” competition, while Secondary 4 students gave presentations on their chosen Maths topics, for example, the “Mobius Strip”. After school, the “Rummikub” and “Blokus” competitions were held at the school hall where student representatives from each class competed with each other. Most honourably, we invited Professor Siu Man Keung, Honorary Professor of the Mathematics Department of the University of Hong Kong, to give a talk on the interesting Maths problems we encounter in daily life and their implications. Overall, students were given opportunities to experience the inspiring nature of Mathematics outside classroom. After the Maths day, students’ interests in Mathematics were raised.