School Life

30th Anniversary Fundraising Walkathon-cum-Marathon

The 30th Anniversary Fundraising Walkathon-cum-Marathon was successfully held on March 3 2018. We were happy that not only students joined with parents and alumni participating in the walkathon and mini-marathon, but also we worked concertedly to raise money for the school development of STEM education. The celebration of the 30th anniversary event ended with great fun and joy.

S3 Growth Camp

Secondary 3 students participated in the Growth Camp on 9 to 10 February 2018. It is an activity co-organized by the Career and Further Studies Committee and Class Management Director aiming to build team spirit of classes as well as prepare students for choosing subjects wisely in the senior form studies.

S.1 Inter-class Chinese Speech Competition

126 of Secondary 1 students participated in the S.1 Inter-class Chinese Speech Competition on 13 February 2018. It is a competition organized by the Chinese Department, aiming to help students to acquire public speaking skills and enhance their interest and appreciation of Chinese poetry. All S.1 students gathered at hall, supporting and encouraging their schoolmates. All competitors did their best in their performances. After keen competitions, S1A LAI JOVIC group got the Champion in the Group Speaking Competition, while S1A HUANG KAI LIN won the Champion in the Solo Verse Speaking Competition.

Celebration Activities of the school’s 30th Anniversary

Thanks to the Lord for His grace and guidance through the last 30 years! To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the school, we have organized many activities such as Thanksgiving Service, Open Days and Thanksgiving Dinner in December 2017. All members in the school greatly enjoyed the activities. We are also glad to see that numerous guests, parents and alumni participated in the celebration activities, sharing our joy and happiness.

Teacher-Student Week

More than 70 students participated in the Teacher-Student Week from 27th to 30th November 2017. Various activities were organized by the Student Union, aiming to promote the relationship between our teachers and students. The activities include the cooking competition, talent show and the dodgeball competition. All teachers and students greatly enjoyed the activities.