School Life

The Final events of Blokus and Rummibuk

The final events of Blokus and Rummibuk Competitions were completed on 28/6, after the heat events of the competition held on the Math Day (13/3). On 13/3, several competitions were held, including 24 points, Speed Calculation, Blokus and Rummibuk. Lots of mathematical toys, puzzles and games were demonstrated. The students were fascinated by the mathematical games and the mathematics behind the games.

Rummikub Winner: 2A   Liu Ka Yiu

Blokus Winner: 2D   Lam Kin Tat

“Physics in Motion” Workshop

26 Secondary 5 students joined the “Physics in Motion” Workshop on 3rd April 2018 organised by Ocean Park Hong Kong. Students were required to get data through experiencing the thrills, including Whirly Bird, Bumper Blaster and Hair Raiser. They also attended practical workshops to further their studies on the selected topics. It was found to be a fruitful experience as students could experience the principles taught in a real life situation and have a more in-depth understanding of the concepts they have learnt.

Cheung Chau field trip

20 S.4 History students had a field trip to Cheung Chau on 27 April 2018 to know more about the history and tradition of the Bun Festival.  Through using the App called “History Trip Go Easy: Cheung Chau Jiao Festival” designed by the Education Bureau, students were able to choose different routes to explore more about different aspects of this festival.  Students have learnt more about this intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and their motivation to learn is enhanced.

Inter-School Harmonious Fun Fair

With the collaboration of the Guidance and Discipline Section of the Education Bureau, and the Peace Ambassadors composing of six Prefects of the School Discipline Committee and some students from five other secondary schools, the Inter-school Harmonious Campus Fun Fair was successfully held on 21 April 2018.  Our prefects contributed their whole-hearted efforts in organizing fun booth games which aimed at promoting the important message of maintaining a harmonious campus.  In fact, this Fun Fair is a part of the Harmonious School Network which aims at nurturing student leaders to promote the message of harmonious campus and widening their horizons. It is hoped that they can internalize this spirit and contribute their part to the building up of a harmonious campus in the years to come.

Secondary 2 Adventure-based Training Camp

With the collaboration of the Discipline Committee and the Secondary 2 class teachers, the S.2 Adventure-based Training Camp was successfully held on 13 April 2018. Students were courageous in trying various challenging tasks with the unfailing support of their class teachers and classmates. It is hoped that their self-confidence and the ability to face adversity can be enhanced through accomplishing different tasks.