School Life

Visit by the Secretary for Justice

On 7th December 2018, our Prefect Team had the honour to receive the Secretary for Justice, Ms Teresa Cheng, SC and other government officials of the Sai Kung District Council. Sharing the experience of the ‘Mock Trial - Justice Education Project’ in the previous two years coupled with a simulated court proceedings, the Prefects grasped the invaluable opportunity to learn from Ms Cheng and the lessons taken ranged from the practical to the profound. Not only were there professional discussions on the rule of law and civic responsibility, but Ms Cheng also shared her personal experience on the joy and tribulations of being a lawyer and the Secretary for Justice, encouraging our Prefects to enhance their communication and critical thinking skills through active participation in extra-curricular activities.

2018-2019 Classroom Board Display Competition

All secondary One to Secondary Five classes in our school participated in the “Classroom Board Display Competition” in October. It is a competition organized by the Student Formation Council of the school, aiming to introduce the theme of this school year – “Persevere with Wisdom; Walk in Righteousness” and enhance the students’ sense of belongings to the school. Classes were also required to reach a  consensus on the class rules this year. The best performed class in each form was S1D, S2C, S3D, S4D and S5C respectively.

The First English Speaking Activity Day 2018-2019

The First English Speaking Activity Day in this school year was held on 7 November, 2019. English Ambassadors designed a total of four interesting booth games under the theme of Disney animation, including the Storytelling Booth, the Truth Booth, the Dare Booth and the Music Booth. They were held at the covered playground both at lunchtime and after school.

The Storytelling Booth required students to create their own stories with Disney characters in a situation provided, while students had to give a one-minute speech on a topic given by the English Ambassadors in the Truth Booth. For the Music Booth, students were excited to guess the Disney songs played while counting the amount of cash notes at the same time. The most popular booth was the Dare Booth, where some English Ambassadors, dressed up as Disney characters, gave tasks to the students. There was also a workshop, on the stage in the covered playground, where students could make rubber stamps. Students lined up to create their own piece of art. Everyone was collecting stickers from the booths and the workshop while having fun. They also won prizes and earned house marks as they competed for the English Cup.

The afterschool activity, ‘Finding Alice’, was very fun and very well received. Students searched for clues to solve the mysteries behind Alice’s death. The English Ambassadors cosplayed as different characters, such as the Red Queen and the Cheshire Cat, and they were ready to answer numerous questions from the students participating in the event. The English Speaking Activity Day ended successfully in laughter and joy.

S1-2 English Book Sharing

On 28th November, 5th and 19th December 2018, S1-2 students joined the lunchtime creative paper bag book report sharing in the hall. The activity aimed to encourage students to read English books and boost their oral communication skills. Each student was required to draw a new book cover on a paper bag and put three objects which can represent his / her favourite character or the story plot in it. Students shared in groups of 4, after which an outstanding speaker was invited to present his/her ideas on the stage. Most students participated in the activity actively and were eager to learn by attentively listening to their schoolmates’ sharing.

Carmel Running Friends

12 teams of S4 students, joined by pastors and preachers from the churches in our neighbourhood, enjoyed the thrill of the game Running Friends, the CDG’s version of Running Man, in which they completed missions in the campus to win the race. The activity was followed by a bountiful meal with love and laughter.