School Life

Secondary One "Twisted Perseverance"

Our school joined the “Programme on Planning Life Education in Primary/Secondary Schools in 2020-2022 School Year” organized by the Education University of Hong Kong. The "Twisted Perseverance" course has been added to the Secondary One Health Education Lesson. The experiential activities can cultivate students' perseverance ability.
In the course, Ms. Suky shared the experience of repeated trials and failures during the self-study of balloon twisting, helping students understand that enthusiasm and perseverance are important elements for success. By making flowers and dog-shaped balloons, the students also learned to persevere in accomplishing their goals in life. During the event, the Big Brothers and Sisters were the companions of their younger siblings. Together, they dare to accept the challenge – using balloons to form words together. They work together to face the challenges and never give up easily.

Chinese Culture Day

The Chinese Culture Day themed “Chinese Folk Performing Arts” this year was successfully held at the Chinese Lantern Festival on 15 February, 2022. Students eagerly took part in the activities of guessing the lantern riddles and the teachers’ calligraphy. A local organization specialising in Chinese folk performing arts  was also invited to the school to perform the "Chinese Puppet Show", which impressed teachers and students who highly enjoyed the show.

“Do Your Tie, Do Your Best!” (18-22 October, 2021)

With the First Uniform Tests approaching, our Big Brothers and Big Sisters showed their care and support to Secondary One students via hand-written cards. This time, however, they had a second agenda – to teach the S1 students how to tie their ties for their winter uniforms. We hope our October event radiates warmth and offers encouragement to our newest additions to the CDG family!

2021 S1 Fun Fun Camp

On 25th September, Part One of our 2-day Fun Fun Camp was successfully held. Our Secondary One students enjoyed a day of fun and games planned by our Big Brothers and Big Sisters, ranging from small group chatting to class bonding activities and to interclass competitions. Embracing our annual photo-taking tradition, our S1 students patiently formed the word “GRIT”, to commemorate this special event.

First English Speaking Wednesday – ‘Savouring’

Themed on ‘Savouring’, the first English Speaking Wednesday of the school year was held successfully on 6th October 2021. Everyone was welcomed by a group of energetic buskers at the entrance, followed by a creative video featuring teachers and alumni during the morning assembly as all recounted and anticipated fond memories of school life. At recesses, students enjoyed a ‘big feast’ prepared by the English Ambassador Team: a range of interesting question prompts surrounding food at the speaking booths, while contributing short entries with bits of sweetness, bitterness, sourness and spiciness to compile the ‘CDG Taste Dictionary’. For sure, this Wednesday has ushered in a new school year of vibrancy, promisingly bringing all students a fresh start of the year-long experience of being immersed in an English-rich environment on campus.