Roles & Responsibilities
Ms Lam Sui Mei Principal
Mr Wong Wing Lok, Wilfred Vice-Principal of Student and External Affairs, Head of Civil Education Committee, Biology
Mr Chui Ka Yin, Jerry Vice-Principal of Learning and Teaching Affairs, English
Ms Chai Ling Li, Lilian Head of Geography and History Department, Geography, Liberal Studies
Mr Chan Bun Wah, Ben English
Mr Chan Chun Ho Head of Mathematics Department, Mathematics
Ms Chan Ho Ying, Natalie English
Ms Chan Oi Heung, Judy Head of Music Department, Music, English
Ms Chan Suet Ying Chinese, Chinese Reading
Ms Chan Sze Wing, Josie English
Ms Chan Tsz Sin Liberal Studies, Economics
Mr Chan Tsz Wing, Cyrus Chairman of Extra-Curricular Activities Committee, Head of Chemistry Department, Chemistry
Ms Chang Lai Yi, Sarah Chinese, Putonghua
Mr Chau Kai Ho, Howard Discipline Master, Vice-Head of Geography and History Department, History
Ms Cheng Ken Sun Head of Chinese Department, Chinese, Chinese Reading
Mr Cheung Enoch Chemistry, Integrated Science
Mr Cheung Kit Man, German Mathematics, Computer Literacy, Information and Communication Technology
Ms Chin Pou U, Julie Liberal Studies
Mr Choo Kwok Chun Chinese, Liberal Studies
Ms Fok Yuen Ting, Katherine Head of English Department, English, Language Across the Curriculum
Ms Fong Shuk Ling, Olivia Head of Physical Education, Physical Education, History
Ms Fung Mei Sze Head of Physics and Integrated Science Department, Physics
Dr Gert Grobler English Reading
Ms Hung Yin Mui, Jolene Geography, Liberal Studies
Mr Kan Chi Kwong Head of Design & Technology, Home Economics, and Visual Arts Department, Mathematics, Design & Technology, Biblical Knowledge
Mr Koong Sze Ton, Timothy Chinese History
Mr Kwan Chi Chau Chairman of Information Technology Committee, Head of Computer Studies Department, Mathematics, Computer Literacy
Mr Kwok Wing Yin, Simon Chairman of Resource Management Committee, Mathematics, Computer Literacy
Ms Lai Lai Yu, Iris Chairman of Language Across the Curriculum Committee, English
Ms Lai Wing Sze, Florence Chinese, Music
Ms Lam Sze Long, Sharon English
Ms Lau Wai Man Chinese, Chinese Reading, Putonghua
Ms Lau Wing Sze Chinese, Biblical Knowledge
Ms Lee Tung Man, Rita Visual Arts, English Reading, Chairman of Campus TV Committee,
Dr Leung Ka Wah Information and Communication Technology, Computer Literacy, Physical Education
Mr Lo Man Ho, Arthur Mathematics
Dr Lo Yiu Ming Mathematics
Mr Lui Mui Hei Guidance Master, Integrated Science, Physical Education, Health Education
Ms Ma Yuk Mei, Miranda Chairman of Careers and Further Studies Committee, Head of Biblical Knowledge Department, Chinese, Biblical Knowledge
Ms Mok Lai Sing, Patricia Chinese, Chinese Reading
Ms Ng Fung, Harriet English
Ms Sin Lim Yan, Ivy Head of Liberal Studies Department, Mathematics, Liberal Studies
Ms Tse Sau Yin Head of Biology Department, Biology
Mr Wong Chau Yuen, Andrew Integrated Science, Physics
Mr Wong Ho Man Head of BAFS and Economics Department, Vice-Chairman of Careers and Further Studies Committee, Economics
Ms Wong Man Shan English
Ms Wong Shu Yan English
Ms Wong Wing Sze, Lilian Class Management Director, Geography, Home Economics
Ms Wong Yee Kuen, Connie Business, Accounting, and Financial Studies (BAFS)
Mr Wong Yin, Kan Head of Chinese History Department, Chairman of Religious Affairs Committee, Biblical Knowledge, Chinese History
Mr Wu Chin Pang, Marco Chinese, Chinese Reading
Ms Yau Mut Kuen Mathematics
Mr Yeung Pak Ho, Brandon Chemistry, Integrated Science
Ms Yeung Yat Wing Biblical Knowledge, Liberal Studies, Economics
Mr Yim Fan Tat Teacher-Librarian, Chinese History, Chinese Reading, Biblical Knowledge


Social Worker, Technical & Clerical Supporting Staff

Roles & Responsibilities
Ms Yuen Cheuk Yam, Edith School Social Worker
Ms Kwok Ching Mui Student Counsellor
Mr Cheung Kelvin Ho Hon English Associate Teacher
Mr Lee Ka Hin, Francis Chinese Teaching Assistant
Dr Hui Siu Hong, Louis Deputy Discipline Master, Vice-chairman of I.T. Committee, Laboratories-in-charge, Health and Safety Officer
Mr Ng Ka Lok Laboratory Technician
Mr Ng Kwok Wui, Andrew Laboratory Technician
Mr Chan Ka Fai, Peter Head IT Technician
Mr Ling Tat Chung, Samson IT Technician
Ms Ching Nga Lam, Belle Principal’s Secretary, Office and Janitors in charge
Ms Cheung Mee Kuen, Natalie Accountant
Ms Leung Suk Yee, Lydia Clerical Staff
Ms Lo Tak Ho, Mandy Clerical Staff
Ms Chui Wai Tai, Becky Clerical Staff
Ms Sun Kwai Ping, Tammy Clerical Staff
Ms Young Kwok Lai, Wince Library Assistant