As part of the Animal Conservation module, S.5 students joined activities that allow them to learn about the close bond between humans and animals and the work of a vet.

On 10 March and 12 March, three classes of S.5 students took part in a seminar conducted by Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association and Hong Kong Dog Rescue respectively. Buzzing with excitement, students were eager to ask questions regarding the training of guide dogs and the problem of dog abandonment in Hong Kong. Students were also delighted to see the interaction between the dogs and their owners / handlers. All students enjoyed a close encounter with humans’ best friends.

On 10 March, one class of S.5 students was blessed to have the opportunity to interview an alumnus veterinarian. The interview, conducted through video-conferencing software, allowed all students to learn about the daily work of a vet in the comfort of their home. It was an eye-opening experience for all and especially valuable for animal lovers and students aspiring to become a veterinarian.