With the active participation of the competitors, enlightening sharings from M1 and M2 students and interesting decorations contributed by Class 4D, the Maths Day was successfully held on 14th March, 2019.

     On the Maths Day, different competitions, including 24 Points, Blokus and Rummikub were organized at lunchtime and after school. Fighting for the championship, all participants enjoyed the games. Not only did they learn more about Mathematics, but more importantly they also had great fun.

     Apart from competitions, there were other educational activities. Four boards designed by senior students were displayed. A number of interesting topics ranging from game theory, non-Euclidean geometry to permutations were presented, raising students’ interest in exploring more advanced mathematics.

     That day, the campus was also decorated with a lot of fun facts about mathematical stories, mathematicians and beyond. 

     The following is the champions of the inter-class competitions:
     S1: 1C
     S2: 2C
     S3: 3D
     S4: 4D
     S5: 5B