The First English Speaking Activity Day in this school year was held on 7 November, 2019. English Ambassadors designed a total of four interesting booth games under the theme of Disney animation, including the Storytelling Booth, the Truth Booth, the Dare Booth and the Music Booth. They were held at the covered playground both at lunchtime and after school.

The Storytelling Booth required students to create their own stories with Disney characters in a situation provided, while students had to give a one-minute speech on a topic given by the English Ambassadors in the Truth Booth. For the Music Booth, students were excited to guess the Disney songs played while counting the amount of cash notes at the same time. The most popular booth was the Dare Booth, where some English Ambassadors, dressed up as Disney characters, gave tasks to the students. There was also a workshop, on the stage in the covered playground, where students could make rubber stamps. Students lined up to create their own piece of art. Everyone was collecting stickers from the booths and the workshop while having fun. They also won prizes and earned house marks as they competed for the English Cup.

The afterschool activity, ‘Finding Alice’, was very fun and very well received. Students searched for clues to solve the mysteries behind Alice’s death. The English Ambassadors cosplayed as different characters, such as the Red Queen and the Cheshire Cat, and they were ready to answer numerous questions from the students participating in the event. The English Speaking Activity Day ended successfully in laughter and joy.