School Life

2019 S5 English Drama Competition

As a continuation of the English Drama Project S5 students completed last year, the students brought their scripts from page to stage for the Inter-class Drama Competition on 3rd October 2019. Representing their respective classes, all the competing groups brought utter jubilation to each and every one sitting in the Hall with their mesmerising performances. In the end, Class 5A took home the win while Class 5C managed to come second in the competition.

Maths Arena 2019

Maths Arena 2019 was successfully held on 3rd July 2019. A total of 13 teams from 7 primary schools in Tseung Kwan O actively participated in the competition. 

Our students designed 10 innovative mathematical tasks, which primary students had to complete within limited time, to cultivate and train their mathematical senses and abilities like spatial perception and speed-calculation. By holding Maths Arena 2019, we aimed at developing students’ interests in mathematics as well as providing them an opportunity to apply mathematical knowledge in real life. The event deepened their understanding on mathematics and they were all looking forward to the coming challenges. 

Congratulations to Po Leung Kuk Wong Wing Shu Primary School, Lok Sin Tong Lau Tak Primary School and Tseung Kwan O Government Primary School, which won the Champion, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up respectively in this competition. We also appreciate and express our gratitude to the efforts made by all participants.

The Second English Speaking Activity Day

The Second English Speaking Activity Day this year, held on April 17, 2019, proceeded with the theme “Old Hong Kong”. It was enlightening and successful in creating a nostalgic ambience in the school playground with games and food our parents and even grandparents enjoyed during their childhood.

Students were able to experience the recreational activities preceding generations enjoyed so much before the invention of smartphones and videogames.

In addition to the walk down ‘memory lane’, school houses were also able to gain a whopping boost in house marks from playing the games.

Maths Day 2019 - New Ways to Learn Mathematics

 With the active participation of the competitors, enlightening sharings from M1 and M2 students and interesting decorations contributed by Class 4D, the Maths Day was successfully held on 14th March, 2019.

     On the Maths Day, different competitions, including 24 Points, Blokus and Rummikub were organized at lunchtime and after school. Fighting for the championship, all participants enjoyed the games. Not only did they learn more about Mathematics, but more importantly they also had great fun.

     Apart from competitions, there were other educational activities. Four boards designed by senior students were displayed. A number of interesting topics ranging from game theory, non-Euclidean geometry to permutations were presented, raising students’ interest in exploring more advanced mathematics.

     That day, the campus was also decorated with a lot of fun facts about mathematical stories, mathematicians and beyond. 

     The following is the champions of the inter-class competitions:
     S1: 1C
     S2: 2C
     S3: 3D
     S4: 4D
     S5: 5B

Study Tour to Chongqing

In April 2019, forty-four teachers and students of our school joined a study tour organized by EDB to Chongqing, spending four days studying the history and culture of Chongqing and Mainland China.
During the tour, teachers and students had the opportunity to visit Chongqing No. 8 Secondary School and had wonderful cultural exchange activities. In addition, they visited a commercial firm and many local historical and cultural attractions, such as Hongya Cave, Chongqing Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, Ciqiko Ancient Town (Porcelain Village) and Dazu Rock Carving and Dazu Rock Carving Museum.

Through this visit, the students had a better understanding of the recent economic and technological development of China over the last few years and the availability of potential opportunities for Hong Kong.