i-Space: Inter-secondary School VR Contest

On 13th July 2019, four Secondary 4 students, Lee Hiu Fung, Tin Yu Sum Marco, Wong Chi Shing, and Leung Chun Yui were crowned Champion in the first Inter-secondary School Virtual Reality Contest, which aims to nurture a creative, curious, and can-do mindset and build a cultural learning ambience by encouraging students to explore more about topics related to ancient China. Their winning entry titled “合州釣魚城之戰” will be showcased in public venues for 12 months.

The Contest is organized by International STEAM Olympiad Association and co-organised by the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering and Pao Yue-kong Library from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Inter-school Science Quiz Competition 2018

As a team, three Secondary Four students participated in the Inter-school Science Quiz Competition 2018 and got the First Runner-up. The competition was organized by the HKU Science Outreaching Team, including quick response questions, chemical analysis and soil analysis. The competition aims at inspiring tomorrow’s scientists and engage students in developing a career in science.

Chemistry Online Self-study Award Scheme

Participating in the Chemistry Online Self-study Award Scheme, six Secondary Five students were honored with the Diamond Award. The award scheme, organized by the Hong Kong Virtual University and the Science Education Section of the Education Bureau, aims to nurture scientific literacy of senior secondary school students by providing them with an exposure to more advanced chemistry online lectures. Having attended the online courses and tests, not only can the senior form students acquire different riveting chemistry knowledge beyond their textbooks, but more importantly, they can ignite their curiosity towards chemistry.

Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2018

The Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2018, run by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, was held on 3rd July 2018. Our school got excellent results in the quiz with eight senior form students getting distinctions. The quiz aims to promote chemistry in school and enhances students’ enthusiasm for chemistry. Consisting of 30 multiple questions, the chemistry quiz was based on a non-specific syllabus and required students to complete the task within one hour. Through participating in the quiz, students can be more proficient in chemistry knowledge.

17th Sai Kung Outstanding Student Award

Nine of our Secondary 2, 3 and 5 students participated in the 17th Sai Kung District Outstanding Student Election in June 2018. Co-organised by the Sai Kung Cultural Centre, the Sai Kung District Secondary School Heads Association and the Federation of New Territories Youth, the event aims to encourage students to have all-round development. Our students S4D Chiu Chi Chung, S4D Li Wing Tung, S6C Chen Pui Ling and S6C Yeung Fu Man won the Outstanding Student Awards. S4D Yang Ka Lam, S3D Huang Po Yee and S6C Chan Sin Ting got the Merit Award. S4D Lo Chi Ching received the Talent and Skill Award.