Forming a team, students from our school and Shenzhen Ping Shan High School, our sister school, jointly participated in the competition “Guangdong-Hong Kong Sister Schools Choral Verse Speaking Contest” organised by the EDB and got the Champion by reading the verses of “Recalling Jiangnan” written by Bai Juyi. Honourably, we are invited to join the performance of winning teams on 11th May 2018.

Our participants are as follows:

Li Wing Tung Winnie (3C), Hui King Yuk Walter (3D), Lee Hiu Fung (3D), Fung Wing Ki John (4C), Chen Pui Ling (5C), Cheung Cheuk Yung (5C), Cheung Cheuk Lam (5C), Cheung Si Tsai Angela (5C), Tsoi Sze Ying (5C)

Congratulations to the above elites! Hopefully, more CDGFSS students will have the opportunity to widen their horizons by exchanging with other students in the world through similar activities.