Other Competition Awards


30th News Commentary Competition

88 of our Secondary 1 to 6 students participated in the 30th News Commentary Competition in Nov 2021. The competition is organized by Hok Yau Club, aiming to nurture the independent thinking skills and raise the awareness of current affairs among the youths in Hong Kong. Our students participated actively and got excellent results. 
Participating Student    Award

Participating Student


6C Deng Ka Ki

News Commentary Competition 1st Runner-up (Senior Level)

2C Leung Shu Wai

News Commentary Competition Champion

(Junior Level)

2B Fan Yu Yiu

News Commentary Competition 2nd Runner-up (Junior Level)


Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2021/22

 After working hard for several months on Drama practice, our students reaped their sweet harvest at the Hong Kong School Drama Festival. We are proud to share the following awards with all of you:

Award for Outstanding Script 
4B Chan Chui Ling (Chief Scriptwriter), 4C Wong Yan Oh (Assistant Scriptwriter)
Award for Outstanding Director 
4C Wong Yan Oh (Chief Director), 4B Chan Chui Ling (Assistant Director)
Award for Outstanding performer 
5B Liu Tsz Kiu
4B Lo Yu Chun
4C Kwok Sum Yuet
3A Chan Ka Hei
3B Lau Ajex
3C Cheung Ka Ning
3D Chung Tsz Wan
3D Sze Pak Lun Alan

Award for Outstanding Audio-visual Effects
Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School
Award for Outstanding Cooperation 
Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School
Award for Outstanding Overall Performance
Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School
To get awards among hundreds of schools is not to get a cinch; it is to excel oneself with many constraints during the pandemic. Thanks to our students’ hard work, they could overcome the challenges of performing through Zoom and could achieve such a nice harvest. Congratulations to them and praise our Lord!

S3 Anti-drug Sharing and Postage Stamp Design Competition

In November 2021, the School Guidance Committee worked with Rainbow Lutheran Centre to hold an anti-drug sharing for our S3 students. Former drug addicts were invited to share their experiences and the harms of drug abuse, in the hope of  increasing students’ awareness of the issue.

Our S3 students were then asked to design postage stamps themed “Marijuana is a Drug” in their Visual Arts class for a competition organized by Rainbow Lutheran Centre. 3A Lam Hiu Ting and 3B Chow Cheuk Kwan were in the top 40 finalists. Chow Cheuk Kwan’s artwork was even voted as one of the most popular designs on Facebook, winning a merit award. With the overwhelming response in postage stamps designed by our students, our school also received the Most Active Participation Award.

The 22nd Consumer Culture Study Award

Nine S.3 students participated in the 22nd Consumer Culture Study Award organized by the Consumer Council in the last school year. They are 4C CHAN WING SHUEN, 4D KOON LOK CHING, 4D CHEUNG WING YU, 4D WAN KA YAN, 4D CHAN NOK YIN LOUIS, 4D CHENG CHUNG KI, 4D HO CHING NOK, 4D LAI SHING HIM and 4D LI KA CHUN. They spent months to study the difference between on-line shops and traditional/physical stores. They got the 2nd runner-up in the junior section due to their good performance.

22nd Consumer Culture Study Award

Four Secondary 6 students,  6B Chan Yuk Lam and Tsang Wai Laam, and 6D Huang Xin Rui Joey and Ng Hoi Yan, participated in 22nd Consumer Culture Study Award Programme organised by the Consumer Council. Competing with 59 secondary schools, they managed to win the Outstanding Design Award and the Best Practice Mode Award in the Sustainable Creative Design Division. Aiming to curtail consumption, they have designed an application on the theme of saving money, namely 惜錢.識存, to help keep track of personal consumption records and develop financial  management skills. Their contribution is highly appreciated.

20th Sai Kung District Outstanding Students Election 2021

10 of our students participated in the 20th Sai Kung District Outstanding Students Election, co-organised by the Sai Kung Cultural Centre Community Development Foundations Limited, the Sai Kung District Secondary School Heads Association and Sai Kung Cultural Association for Youth. They performed outstandingly. 4D CHENG CHUNG KI , 4D LAI SHING HIM, 5D NGAI WAI LAM and 6C SHAM  KEI TUNG got the Certificates of Merit. 4D LAM YUI HEI, 4D KOON LOK CHING and 5D HUANG KAILIN obtained the Outstanding Student Awards. 4D LAM YUI HEI and 5D HUANG KAILIN were also invited to represent Sai Kung District to join the New Territories Outstanding Students Election. In the end, they lived up to expectations.  4D LAM YUI HEI won the Outstanding Student of New Territories Award and 5D HUANG KAILIN won the Top 10 Outstanding Student of New Territories Award, winning glory for the district.