Other Competition Awards


News Commentary Competition 2020

66 of Secondary 1 to 6 students participated in the News Commentary Competition in Nov, 2020. It is a competition organized by Hok Yau Club, aiming to nurture the independent thinking skills of students. Our students got excellent results and won many prizes.

Participating Students Award
1D Siu Pak Chun News Commentary Competition Final Round Entrants (Junior Level)
3C Koon Lok Ching News Commentary Competition Final Round Entrants (Junior Level)
4C Chan Nga Man News Commentary Competition Final Round Entrants (Senior Level)
4C Wang Hiu Ching News Commentary Competition Final Round Entrants (Senior Level)
5C Zhuo Sze Man News Commentary Competition 2nd runner-up (Senior Level) 
6A Yu Ying Tung News Commentary Competition 3rd runner-up (Senior Level)
6A Kwok Shu Piu News Commentary Competition Final Round Entrants (Senior Level)
6C Lee Hiu Fung News Commentary Competition Final Round Entrants (Senior Level)
6D Chan Sze Wing News Commentary Competition Champion (Senior Level)

Sai Kung Outstanding Students Award 2020 & Top 10 New Territories Outstanding Students Award 2020

10 of our students participated in the 19th Sai Kung District Outstanding Students Election in 2020, co-organised by the Sai Kung Cultural Centre, the Sai Kung District Secondary School Heads Association and Sai Kung Cultural Association for Youth. They performed outstandingly. S3C TING CHIA CHIEN, S3C CHAN NOK YIN LOUIS, S4D YU NGA WUN, S4D NGAI WAI LAM, S6B HUI WAI MAN and S6D CHIU CHI CHUNG got the Certificates of Merit. S4D HUANG KAILIN, S6C HUI KING YUK WALTER and S6D LI WING TUNG WINNIE won the Outstanding Student Awards. Our school also won the Award of Best School Performance. S4D HUANG KAILIN and S6C HUI KING YUK WALTER were also invited to represent Sai Kung District to join the New Territories Outstanding Students Election. In the end, they lived up to expectations and won the Top Ten Outstanding New Territories Students Award, winning glory for the district.

2020 Wool4School Student Design Competition

Junior Finalist
3D            LEUNG HOI HANG

YMCA Leadership Development Scheme: Best Video Presentation Award

While last year may be the annus horribilis for everyone, especially schools because of the pandemic when students and teachers had to switch to zoom for online learning, it did not seem to stop our Form 5 student leaders from putting together activities virtually and earning the Best Video Presentation Award, a distinguished award from the YMCA Youth Leadership Development Scheme. Congratulations to 5B Chan Ka Wing, 5B Chan Lok Sum, 5D Cheung Hon, 5B Fu Man Sze, 5D Kwan Nok Yin, 5D Kwok Lap Hin, 5B Lee Wai Kiu and 5B Ng Yin Fei on their outstanding achievement in extra-curricular activities.

19th Sai Kung Outstanding Student Award

Outstanding Student Award (Junior Section)            
Outstanding Student Award (Senior Section)            

Recognition Award            


4D     NGAI WAI LAM        6B   HUI WAI MAN                    6D   CHIU CHI CHUNG