Mathematics, Science & Technology Competition Awards


International Robotic Olympiad 2019

20 students of our school joined the International Robotic Olympiad held in Thailand on 21 July 2019. It is a competition organised by Hong Kong Robotic Olympic Association aiming to provide a platform for students to share and exchange their experiences of robot-making.  Our team obtained six Champions, eight First Runners-up, five Second Runners-up and five Third Runners-up.

i-Space: Inter-secondary School VR Contest

On 13th July 2019, four Secondary 4 students, Lee Hiu Fung, Tin Yu Sum Marco, Wong Chi Shing, and Leung Chun Yui were crowned Champion in the first Inter-secondary School Virtual Reality Contest, which aims to nurture a creative, curious, and can-do mindset and build a cultural learning ambience by encouraging students to explore more about topics related to ancient China. Their winning entry titled “合州釣魚城之戰” will be showcased in public venues for 12 months.

The Contest is organized by International STEAM Olympiad Association and co-organised by the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering and Pao Yue-kong Library from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The PolyU Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition

High Distinction (Biology)                        
S6    HO WING CHI        S6    YEUNG PANG HO            
Distinction (Biology)                        

S6     LO KA WAI             S6    NG KA WING                S6    TUNG CHUEN YUET    
S6    WAN WING TUNG  S6    WONG CHUN FUNG    S6        
Credit (Biology)                        

S6    CHAN KWUN CHI    S6    LI SZE YIU                   S6    SO HUNG HIN    
S6    YEN HIU YING         S6    YEUNG KING YIU        S6    YU MAN NGA    
Proficiency (Biology)                        

S6    CHAN PO YI            S6    CHU YIN WAH              S6    LEUNG TSUN SUM    
S6    LI YI TUNG              S6    LO HUNG KIT               S6    LUK KA YIN    
S6    SIU CHEUK WING  S6    SSU WAI MAN              S6    TSUI HOI TUNG    
Distinction (Chemistry)                        

S6    TUNG CHUEN YUET                    
Credit (Chemistry)                        

S6    CHU WAI KI             S6    KWAN WING LAM        S6    LI SZE YIU     
S6    LING YU FUNG       S6     LO KA WAI                   S6    NG KA WING    
S6    SO HUNG HIN         S6    WONG TSZ CHEUK            
Proficiency (Chemistry)                        

S6    CHAN PO YI             S6    CHEUNG SHING         S6    SIO HO KUEN    
S6    WAN WING TUNG   S6    CHAN KWUN CHI            
High Distinction (Mathematics)                        

S6    CHAN KWUN CHI    S6    SO HUNG HIN             S6    TUNG CHUEN YUET    
S6    YEUNG PANG HO                    
Distinction (Mathematics)                        

S6    CHIU WAI YI            S6    LAU CHEUK HIN           S6    LEUNG TSUN SUM    
S6    LING YU FUNG       S6    MAK MING HEI              S6    TSE MAN CHUN    
Credit (Mathematics)                        

S6    CHO TSZ FUNG      S6    CHU WAI KI                   S6    LI SZE YIU     
S6    NG KA WING           S6    WONG TSZ CHEUK            
Proficiency (Mathematics)                        

S6    CHEUNG SHING      S6    HO WING CHI              S6    LI YI TUNG    
S6    SIU CHEUK WING    S6    YEUNG KA WING            
High Distinction (Physics)                        

S6    CHAN KWUN CHI    S6    WONG TSZ CHEUK            
Credit (Physics)                        

S6    CHEUNG SHING      S6    CHIU WAI YI                 S6    LEUNG TSUN SUM    
S6    MAK MING HEI         S6    TUNG CHUEN YUET            
Proficiency (Physics)                        

S6    CHENG KI FONG     S6    LO HUNG KIT              S6    NG KA WING    
S6    SIO HO KUEN          S6    SO HUNG HIN             S6    WONG KA LAM KELLY

Fun Science Competition 2019

The First Class Honour                        
S2    CHEUNG PUI YU    S2    YIP YU TUNG        S2    LAM YUI HEI    
S2    LEE LOK SZE          S3    TAI CHAK SZE      S4    TSANG WAI LAAM    
S4    NG HOI YAN            S4    POON CHEUK HEI            
Best Design                        
S2    CHEUNG PUI YU    S2    YIP YU TUNG          S2    LAM YUI HEI    
S2    LEE LOK SZE         S3    TAI CHAK SZE         S4    NG HOI YAN     
S4    POON CHEUK HEI           

The 36th Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad 

2nd Honour                
S5    YANG KA LAM            

S6    SO HUNG HIN          S6    YEUNG PANG HO    

2019港澳數學奧林匹克公開賽「港澳盃HKMO Open」

Gold Award                
Silver Award                

S2    WU ON KI            
Bronze Award                



The First Class Honour                
S3    LIU KA IN                          S4    WONG TSZ HIM    
2nd Honour                

S2    CHAN NOK YIN LOUIS    S2    WU ON KI    
S2    WONG ON YIN                 S3    LI MING KI